Jun 6, 2010

Johnny i have been trying to phone you but all i get is the answer service. Check your messages!!

Jun 5, 2010

Chillin at Lochside

I took an early evening stop by lochside tonight It was one of those calm mild nights with the sun shining in ladders over the west side as it spilt through the rifts in the sea fog clouds. It was all looking very attractive as a pair of arctic terns began to fish in the mirror calm lee of the islands. At the burn mouth sixteen tufted ducks moved about feeding with one or two oystercatchers and curlew on the shore. The waters that looked quite empty proved to hold quite a few birds coots called cormorants dried their wings, a pair of male red throated divers displayed noisily for a female. Unfortunately for them she seemed unimpressed and took to the air, the lads showed off for a moment more then decided to save their energy. The black swan drifted in to the picture. I was enjoying this as some Ariel combat took my attention. Three mallards all males were having a right scrap, one dropped away and the other two disappeared headed inland to Harray still pushing each other about.
As is usually the case there the air was filled with the sounds of birds, skylarks and meadow pipits competed with the discordant song of the sedge warblers. Above us Curlew and snipe bubbled and drummed. Along the heather drama was unfolding as well as territorial disputes seemed to be the way of the night, Two male reed buntings had a continuous row going on with the female of the pair joining in as well. In amongst all this furious scolding love bloomed as a pair of amours sedge warblers were getting down to business. Through all of this a pair of twite circled with the male displaying an excellent pink rump. It was a beautiful evening and this is just a taste of all that was seen but time and restaurant bookings wait for no man so I had to say goodnight to fine company and views and shoot off to face the music.

Herring gull......oh yea with a spitfire.

Jun 1, 2010

Heading for the brief arctic summer

Striking a pose

Along the north coast last week I saw this Wheatear indulging in some interesting behaviour. There were a pair of males about thirty yards apart, both were jumping repeatedly a foot or so in the air, calling then landing stock still with their tail feathers splayed wide. They would hold this pose for a while before repeating the whole performance. I don’t really know what was going on but I think its maybe less to with protecting territory and more to do with impressing a passing female. It did pass the time very pleasantly whilst the kettle boiled tho!!