Dec 24, 2014


Its christmas eve proper and we are looking like a green christmas !!

Dec 23, 2014


Last night the Xflare rolled in and over us to bounce off and carry on going. It was a bit gutting but as it was fairly unexpected after all the experts had dismissed the chance of a hit. Never mind tho. The proton levels have remained high and this afternoon another CME hit. This time the Bz has been more southerly and there has been a good show thats been seen all over, less here tho as we have cloud issues. Personaly I am just glad to have made another tick before christmas. !!

Dec 21, 2014

47 rolled in tonight on the crest of a plasma wave. A minor CME impact brought about enhanced conditions and we have a large static arc. Theres a bit to go with it yet if we can get through the increasing showers.

Dec 15, 2014


Sunday came and went with us giving little show. Other places managed an ark and spikey rays. The green i caught changed to airglow in the harsh light of the big screen so so much for that. Sky called at the back of nine tonight but it took us a while to get a gap.

Dec 12, 2014


We have a nice glow tonight. There is a coronal hole just become geo effective and we are looking forwards to some aurora over the coming few nights, The best news has been on Solen. To quote them...A filament eruption mainly in the southwest quadrant may have caused a potentially Earthbound CME. If that is the case the CME would reach Earth on December 13. This would be on sunday night...I am looking forwards to looking !!

Dec 9, 2014


As below some rays after the first squall had passed.


There was a great clear sky before moon rise tonight. A crisp looking grey glow soon showed up green in my first tester of the night. Exciting as it was I rushed in to post the sighting to the Orkney group. Once again I lost a display behind fast moving cloud and as i type noe the rain is rattling off the windows. Theres a big blow coming from the west but hopefully there will be gaps between the cloud.
Last nights marginal conditions. Its a tilt the screen to see the green sort of thing !!

Dec 8, 2014


In a night of great stats it looked like there should have been a half decent show. Its unfortunate but it just did not happen. The horizon was doggedly full of cloud with little breaks to be seen. Above was a different story with stars showing between clouds in the moon light. I managed this most marginal of marginal shots with colour just showing. Wintery showers have arived now and its upped the game of standing outside taking testers thats for sure !!

Dec 7, 2014

42 came un noticed untill I reviewed the nights photos.. I only managed a couple of gaps in the cloud tonight. Its been a poor night for weather but other places have really done the biz. Shetland in particular had some fantastic structure tonight as Kareen Aurora Hunters photos on ARS show. This is a fuzzy one of mine for the record.

Dec 3, 2014

Dec 2, 2014


41 was a strange beast. A test shot produced a few very faint rays. Seeing them on screen I could just see them in the sky. The following photos showed rays moving about well above the horizon. Above and below was showing no real hint of colour be it green or pink. Cloud swept back in and the view was lost.

Dec 1, 2014


The first of december has brought the 40th arurora on camera. Just a light between clouds just now hopefully the cloud will clear in the over the next couple of hours and we might see something. Its been quiet for a while now but the wind is picking up and moon permitting we might be seeing a bit more in the coming nights.