Jan 22, 2015

61 sticks its head over the horizon before being clouded out....early days yet tho !

Jan 21, 2015

Sixty has come at last with a nice but small arc. The Bz dived north quite quickly and the arc seemed to shrink with it. Its just another wait and see. After nearly a week of raised activity the EPAM monitor is sinking back as well. Quietning down..??

Jan 20, 2015


A nice low glow tonight which came up fast and danced, Its been the best night for colour for ages all be it a little low slung.

Jan 18, 2015

58 came tonight with a low glow thats still showing some pinky top.

Jan 17, 2015


We have been watching a small blow from a CME, unfortunatly its only been visible to us on instruments and the earths magnetic field has been doing what it does best. Its a little frustrating but hay so is having no spell check so bullocs to it all. Repeated test shots over two nights either showed thick cloud or a bright shiny sky with on sign of aurora whats so ever. Eventualy just before bed I had some colour on screen but lost the horizon when I tried again. Lucky I put it on the computer for a closer look or it might have languished for days...as has happened before..ahhem......anyway this shot was shot on bulb for 90 seconds whilst i looked for colour. The sammy was at 2.8 and 1600iso.  So this is one more to the list but man oh man I am gagging for a bit of dancing!!...Here also as an after thought is a shot of the green comet Lovejoy. Easy seen in binoculars, its approaching the Pliadiese (seven sisters) This small cluster of stars is found to the right of Orions shoulders...have a look and see....like a green star.!!

Jan 13, 2015


A slow start to the year and we ad another to the list. Its the thinest of thin sightings but they all count.

Jan 7, 2015

Five five

After a day of good storm darkness produced little to see till now. We have aurora peeking above the horizon. Thats 55 and i am off back to watch how it develops.

Jan 4, 2015


On the night of the full moon we have a display that would have everybody cheering if there had been no moon !!

Jan 3, 2015

Here we are in the new year and i have only managed four aurora since christmas eve and even then on was only found on the big screen days after it was taken ! Never mind we are off and running for a new year. The next couple of weeks will have the moon against us but we will see how it goes....Happy new year to anybody reading !

Dec 24, 2014


Its christmas eve proper and we are looking like a green christmas !!

Dec 23, 2014


Last night the Xflare rolled in and over us to bounce off and carry on going. It was a bit gutting but as it was fairly unexpected after all the experts had dismissed the chance of a hit. Never mind tho. The proton levels have remained high and this afternoon another CME hit. This time the Bz has been more southerly and there has been a good show thats been seen all over, less here tho as we have cloud issues. Personaly I am just glad to have made another tick before christmas. !!

Dec 21, 2014

47 rolled in tonight on the crest of a plasma wave. A minor CME impact brought about enhanced conditions and we have a large static arc. Theres a bit to go with it yet if we can get through the increasing showers.

Dec 15, 2014


Sunday came and went with us giving little show. Other places managed an ark and spikey rays. The green i caught changed to airglow in the harsh light of the big screen so so much for that. Sky called at the back of nine tonight but it took us a while to get a gap.

Dec 12, 2014


We have a nice glow tonight. There is a coronal hole just become geo effective and we are looking forwards to some aurora over the coming few nights, The best news has been on Solen. To quote them...A filament eruption mainly in the southwest quadrant may have caused a potentially Earthbound CME. If that is the case the CME would reach Earth on December 13. This would be on sunday night...I am looking forwards to looking !!

Dec 9, 2014


As below some rays after the first squall had passed.


There was a great clear sky before moon rise tonight. A crisp looking grey glow soon showed up green in my first tester of the night. Exciting as it was I rushed in to post the sighting to the Orkney group. Once again I lost a display behind fast moving cloud and as i type noe the rain is rattling off the windows. Theres a big blow coming from the west but hopefully there will be gaps between the cloud.
Last nights marginal conditions. Its a tilt the screen to see the green sort of thing !!

Dec 8, 2014


In a night of great stats it looked like there should have been a half decent show. Its unfortunate but it just did not happen. The horizon was doggedly full of cloud with little breaks to be seen. Above was a different story with stars showing between clouds in the moon light. I managed this most marginal of marginal shots with colour just showing. Wintery showers have arived now and its upped the game of standing outside taking testers thats for sure !!

Dec 7, 2014

42 came un noticed untill I reviewed the nights photos.. I only managed a couple of gaps in the cloud tonight. Its been a poor night for weather but other places have really done the biz. Shetland in particular had some fantastic structure tonight as Kareen Aurora Hunters photos on ARS show. This is a fuzzy one of mine for the record.

Dec 3, 2014

Dec 2, 2014


41 was a strange beast. A test shot produced a few very faint rays. Seeing them on screen I could just see them in the sky. The following photos showed rays moving about well above the horizon. Above and below was showing no real hint of colour be it green or pink. Cloud swept back in and the view was lost.

Dec 1, 2014


The first of december has brought the 40th arurora on camera. Just a light between clouds just now hopefully the cloud will clear in the over the next couple of hours and we might see something. Its been quiet for a while now but the wind is picking up and moon permitting we might be seeing a bit more in the coming nights.

Nov 27, 2014

Thirty nine gets swallowed by dugged cloud. Last go from the garden gate for the night.


Thirty nine comes in from a shout from Skye. I had about given up with the sky, stars were all that was to be seen then it slowly clouded over. Its a letterbox yiew tonight but they are bright. and have been showing structure...above our cloud base tho !!

Nov 26, 2014

Night winds a coming !

This is a view of the sun right now. If you squint you may see the sunspot groups. Directly facing us is 2219 which has the capacity for C flares, below right is 2216 a group thats quiet and likely to remain that way. The lower group to the left is 2217. This group has been emitting low level C flares and might do something for us yet . Above this and further back towards the eastern rim is 2218. This group seem quiet as well. Two new groups are rotating in to view and are yet to be numbered. The one thing thats its not possible to see in my snap shot is a coronal hole in the northern hemisphere thats about to have an influence on the solar wind speed. I have seen 500kps+ predicted so hopefully with some southerly Bz we might have a little bit of colour in the sky over the coming nights.


Last night was looking severely quiet across the space weather pages. All was not to be lost with a couple of sightings on AUK. For us tho all we could do was read reports as we were socked in with cloud. Every so often whilst checking the sky you could see stars here and there. I usually count stars appearing as a good sign and sure enough eventually the skys cleared enough to see some of the northern horizon. It was pretty hopeless for activity. Earlier in the evening I had been advised that longer exposures with an intervalometer (silly name I know) would be a way to go. With this I could increase my exposure times so it would be worth as much as a couple of stops on the exposure. I gave this a go with my first attempt at shooting bulb. I was pleased as punch to pull this colour out of the sky, especially as there was little discernible colour in the 30 sec exposures I had been doing. This exposure went to two and a half mins and on looking what I had got when it was over left me well chuffed. Its not going to win any prizes in the pretty picture category but I think we have a new weapon in the armoury for those dire nights and marginal conditions....38 in the bag !

Nov 24, 2014


I thought last nights was faint, tonights beats even that. But the clouds are clearing a bit now so fingers crossed that the view may clear.

Nov 23, 2014


A long wait for the cloud to clear produced a faint looking top about 22.30. I dont think it will go to much. Over the last few days the air has properly changed. There are cold winds coming off the atlantic.


Another night of low slung activity with a good spike the back of ten/eleven. I managed to totaly miss it as well....never mind.

Nov 20, 2014

All to brief tonight.

I posted a bit early last night and things developed a god bit more with an active display. The ark produced rays bright enough to be seen by the naked eye. It was short lived but very enjoyable after all the nights of cloud. Tonight a sighting from Groats had me out early and catching a good top. The top is the highest part of the aurora below this is the green. The weather was to go against us tho. Within an hour or so clouds swept in and aren’t looking like going anywhere . Frustrated yet again the clouds thicken as the magnetometers quicken.


Nov 19, 2014

Yet another frustrating night !!

After nights and nights of frustrating cloud with aurora above it I managed a glimpse of lights last night. Tonight its the clearest its been for ages. This along with the bonus of no moon set the stage for a show however its a show that was destined not to go on. We did for a moment have the top of an aurora on camera but all to soon the stack plots showing activity flat lined. It looks like thats that for tonight even the sky id hazy now and the crisp display of stars is gone....33...just.

Nov 11, 2014


Well I managed to blag 3 aurora over the last five nights. There has been a good wait for a glancing CME blow. It arrived early and bounced off to little effect. Most of the activity is the results of an enhanced solar wind from coronal hole high speed streams and sector boundary crossings. Tonight’s has been seen away down the south of Scotland and a lot of folks have managed to catch it. Shame it wasnt seller death dust falling through the skys dramaticly lighting up all before and below it but that just wasnt to be, there is still time for 2205 to produce the goods tho. Fingers crossed.

Nov 5, 2014


Tonight we have a big arc with a big moon and big big clouds. There are good looking areas coming in to sight now and given a few days we will see what happens....

Nov 2, 2014

A low slung light changing slowly low in the north marks No 27. Surely its time for something much more substantial !!!

Oct 29, 2014

25 came and went with a glimmer. With the demise of the large sunspot cluster at the end of a disapointing transit I kindo hoped for a bit of a show from any residuals brought on by the series of impotent X flares of the past days. The night started with an early arc but we lost that fairly fast. Rain was the order of things untill it drove me to my bed. Rising at the back of three i managed to catch a few more images, again it was an all to brief display. That is 26 tho so i am happy.

Oct 24, 2014

Poor weather last night and i missed a chance of a sighting. The large group of spots continues to move across the face of the sun with out kicking off despite being well primed to go.As Mags said the other day A watched pot that just wont boil over......

Oct 23, 2014

After a day of endless rain a brief gap saw the clouds part enough to confirm there was an aurora behind it all. In the time it takes to type it was away and the rain sporadicaly returned. Disapointing day with an X flare not producing any CME, Sill the art of survival is in the way we wait.

Oct 21, 2014


Twenty four comes in with a flat glow behind clouds. Its been blowing fresh for most of the day . An hour before sundown the cloud began to break up. It remained fresh but the clouds looked drmatic in the failing light. An eatherial sort of green glow was on the camera but not on the large screen had me going but as soon as those photos were processed i was out again this time to get a solid colour. I dont know if much will happen but the stackplots are jumping at notheren lattitudes and the solar wind speed is 600 it looks good for a bit any way.

Scraping a couple in.

The night of the 20th was a bit of a wash out with few if any gaps in the cloud. Once again I stuck my head out the door at 4.30 to see stars so a quick couple of shots that looked ok on the camera and back to bed. 20 hours later and I check the images and they have a faint aurora on them. Im well chuffed. Tonight’s weather has been cloud and pishing rain. There was a gap showing on sat24 that rolled in right on time. Unfortunately as happens with the satellite photography it wasnt the whole story. The rain stopped about on time and the cloud lifted well but didnt really go away. In the north the sky lightened superbly but the remaining cloud would just not split. The photos I have are still on the camera but I have green showing through a couple of thinner clouds. Its a bit of a pisser that there is a KP6 thats G1 now and its all kicking off out of sight of the ground....hope everywhere else is having more luck than we are having here !!

Oct 19, 2014

Nice night

Continual rolling cloud ment that the view last night was coming and going a bit. With some paticence tho I managed to see repeated spells of dynamic movment. More words later maybe.

Oct 18, 2014

Sat night

Its half seven on sat night, the stackplots at our lattitude in Norway and Lerwick are showing good movment. There is a KP3 called and the Bz is south. Cloud may be a problem but here we go again.....fingers crossed.

Oct 16, 2014

21 today

First off i called Sky Glendale Auroras,
Glenern last night and thats the name of a house down the road from me...oops...anyway we have strong green but with a hazy cloudy sky. this shot is cleaned up a bit of the orange haze. I dont know if it will get stronger or show better but heres hoping.


Back to the smaller stuff tonight. After seeing a post from Glenern on Skye a quick test shot revealed a broad low aurora here....20 !!

Oct 15, 2014


Been a brill night, aurora seen wide spread across Brittan. Took a while for wurs to come alive but come alive it did....best night of the season....so  far !!

Oct 14, 2014

Heads up

We are looking good for a display tonight. There is activity building all ready and a southerly Bz and a KP4 call. We have clearish skys. suns down about 18.30 and the moons up at about 22.30 so hopefully we will have some proper darkness in the early evening.......Im now crossing my fingers and toes !!

Oct 13, 2014


18 Comes in tonight with a purple glow peaking out from behind tall standing horizon clouds. Moon rise is lighting up the sky now.....Im going to give it a go in a while and see if theres a better view.

Oct 12, 2014


Aftre a bit of speculation and a bit of a false start last week tonight right now 17 is in view. A very faint glow across the horizon that struggles against the rising waining moon. Im charging the battery now and going to try again in an hour.