Jan 29, 2015


Poor conditions with the weather made sightings a bit of a trial tonight. The CME arrival i was hoping for isnt showing but theres other flares on the way so im looking forwards to the morns and the morns morns night. Transit of mercury the morn at 1400. !

Jan 28, 2015

63 and 64 came as a bit of a damp squib. Last night was cloudy and poor. There were sightings from Dundee which encouraged me to try later. At the back of 3 a glimpse out of the window showed a star so I ventured out for a test shot. A 60 sec exposure showed a dying glow but still its a tick !. The EPAM levels continue to slowly rise giving hope of a show at some point. In the mean time everybody is bracing them selfs for the onslaught of the snow demons. Personaly im not that keen but would like a nice snowy landscape for some aurora. That said the moon is gaining size and will probably be the cause of some burn outs if we do.....anyway fingers crossed.

Jan 26, 2015

Another in the bag !

The elivated EPAM levels may have been responsible for an active display last night. It came up fast and burst in to life. I managed a couple of hours back and fro watching before bead. Anne Gascoine had a great view after three in the morning so it must have lasted well. We are now waiting to see if the fillament eruption on the 24th is going to bring anything nice with it. If it is headded our way then hopefully it will be here the morn or wednesday night......watching and waiting in the North Isles !!

Jan 22, 2015

61 sticks its head over the horizon before being clouded out....early days yet tho !

Jan 21, 2015

Sixty has come at last with a nice but small arc. The Bz dived north quite quickly and the arc seemed to shrink with it. Its just another wait and see. After nearly a week of raised activity the EPAM monitor is sinking back as well. Quietning down..??

Jan 20, 2015


A nice low glow tonight which came up fast and danced, Its been the best night for colour for ages all be it a little low slung.

Jan 18, 2015

58 came tonight with a low glow thats still showing some pinky top.

Jan 17, 2015


We have been watching a small blow from a CME, unfortunatly its only been visible to us on instruments and the earths magnetic field has been doing what it does best. Its a little frustrating but hay so is having no spell check so bullocs to it all. Repeated test shots over two nights either showed thick cloud or a bright shiny sky with on sign of aurora whats so ever. Eventualy just before bed I had some colour on screen but lost the horizon when I tried again. Lucky I put it on the computer for a closer look or it might have languished for days...as has happened before..ahhem......anyway this shot was shot on bulb for 90 seconds whilst i looked for colour. The sammy was at 2.8 and 1600iso.  So this is one more to the list but man oh man I am gagging for a bit of dancing!!...Here also as an after thought is a shot of the green comet Lovejoy. Easy seen in binoculars, its approaching the Pliadiese (seven sisters) This small cluster of stars is found to the right of Orions shoulders...have a look and see....like a green star.!!

Jan 13, 2015


A slow start to the year and we ad another to the list. Its the thinest of thin sightings but they all count.

Jan 7, 2015

Five five

After a day of good storm darkness produced little to see till now. We have aurora peeking above the horizon. Thats 55 and i am off back to watch how it develops.

Jan 4, 2015


On the night of the full moon we have a display that would have everybody cheering if there had been no moon !!

Jan 3, 2015

Here we are in the new year and i have only managed four aurora since christmas eve and even then on was only found on the big screen days after it was taken ! Never mind we are off and running for a new year. The next couple of weeks will have the moon against us but we will see how it goes....Happy new year to anybody reading !