Jan 17, 2015


We have been watching a small blow from a CME, unfortunatly its only been visible to us on instruments and the earths magnetic field has been doing what it does best. Its a little frustrating but hay so is having no spell check so bullocs to it all. Repeated test shots over two nights either showed thick cloud or a bright shiny sky with on sign of aurora whats so ever. Eventualy just before bed I had some colour on screen but lost the horizon when I tried again. Lucky I put it on the computer for a closer look or it might have languished for days...as has happened before..ahhem......anyway this shot was shot on bulb for 90 seconds whilst i looked for colour. The sammy was at 2.8 and 1600iso.  So this is one more to the list but man oh man I am gagging for a bit of dancing!!...Here also as an after thought is a shot of the green comet Lovejoy. Easy seen in binoculars, its approaching the Pliadiese (seven sisters) This small cluster of stars is found to the right of Orions shoulders...have a look and see....like a green star.!!

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