Mar 30, 2014


This now from aurora service europe. There has been a second big flare carrying CME today. I ken all well and fine it so often the kiss of death when i start shouting look to the skies but this is looking so good for the coming nights that i just have to type with crossed fingers.

There was yet another CME today which also looks Earthbound (and better than the one we reported about earlier today). SWPC have just issued a G1 (kp5) Geomagnetic storm watch for 2 April because of it. The kp figures and times will show up on the 3 day forecast tomorrow.

We now have a few CME's probably heading our way, so it is going to be an interesting couple of nights ahead.
This from Spaceweatherlive......

SOHO/LASCO imagery is now coming in and there are some frames available showing the CME from the X1 solar flare. Good news: the CME has an earth-directed component. It is perhaps a slightly weaker part as the bulk of the CME is heading well north but a asymmetrical full halo CME is clearly visible. The CME has absolutely an earth-directed component. More imagery is needed for a more detailed analysis (arrival time, expected storm strength etc.) but an impact can be expected at Earth from this CME.

Mar 29, 2014

X Flare heads for earth

Hot diggitydoo after being locked out of blogger for six months the new  google single identity has suddenly let me back into the blog. So HEADS UP....There is big flare headed towards earth right now. It might be a glancing blow but who knows. Could be another big lights display about to arrive,  be looking from sunday.