Dec 30, 2010

Winter moth

This little critter is the Winter moth. I have seen a few about since the latest snow went away. Kate was telling me that she had seen one on the TV the other night with the presenter explaining how it had anti freeze in its blood to allow it to function in the extreme colds of winter. They have been coming to the bathroom window where they are happy to sit for hours. The female has markedly smaller wings and does not venture far from vegetation. I see also that they don’t feed in winter but that’s about as much info as my two wee Collins guides have on the species. Hardy little creatures in a hostile environment anyway.!!

Dec 29, 2010

Up coming event

Sun 16 January

Birds of Scapa Flow – boat tour on the mv Graemsay

3 hr tour on the mv Graemsay to see wintering seabirds and wildfowl. Commentary en route from Tim Dean.

Cost: £10 Time: 11am – 2pm

Booking essential: Anne 01856 873535 ext. 2882

Dec 24, 2010


Dec 21, 2010

Solstice eclipse

The solstice eclipse came and went with a little disappointment as the moon fell in to mist as the eclipse became full. I cant complain though for what i saw was stunning. The whole of the west mainland basin was cast under a layer of misty fog. There were no house lights or signs of habitation to be seen and the sense of isolation was almost spiritual. I cant help but wonder what my ancestors camped out at Brodgar (or wherever) would have made of a total lunar eclipse on the morning of the solstice. I am a happy man this morning....the hours of light can grow now, the year is reborn!

This is one of the only shots i managed to catch the colour of the eclipsed moon

Brodgar at midnight awaiting the solstice lunar eclipse

Dec 16, 2010

Wet bread and fresh water

The crap weather is back in force today and looks to be going on for at least a few days. I will have to have a look through the cupboards for dried food and the like. I might get to put out some wet loaf and dried fruit the morn but my peanut supply is out at the moment. More important in the coming days will be fresh water and this will have to be replenished as it freezes during the day.....nice out if you are a snowman!!

Dec 12, 2010

Dec 2, 2010

London snow

London and the South East have been under a blanket of snow for the last three days, the car has had to get all the repairs made in kirkwall re done before we could drive another yard.....well pissed off!!!! Good birds abpout the flats today with eight Long tailed tits moving through the trees, numourous Bluetits and Wrens were about the Mudchute with a nice view of a song thrush in the snow. A lot of birds were taking advantage of the ground stirred up by the animals in their pens. This was one of the few areas of snow clear ground. I managed photos of some parrots roosting in Millwall park so i might be able to get an id on them this time. These ones seem diffrent from the plain green ones i have seen at the start of the week having blue/green wings and a pale breast...All is quiet out there now with a four inch covering of snow with a fresh blanket of fluffy stuff on top. I am just back in after walking a six month old Husky all over the island. We had a nice encounter with a fox and after a bit of a stare offgiving good views it mooched off into the snow. The city is full of life if you just look aboot.