Dec 21, 2010

Solstice eclipse

The solstice eclipse came and went with a little disappointment as the moon fell in to mist as the eclipse became full. I cant complain though for what i saw was stunning. The whole of the west mainland basin was cast under a layer of misty fog. There were no house lights or signs of habitation to be seen and the sense of isolation was almost spiritual. I cant help but wonder what my ancestors camped out at Brodgar (or wherever) would have made of a total lunar eclipse on the morning of the solstice. I am a happy man this morning....the hours of light can grow now, the year is reborn!

This is one of the only shots i managed to catch the colour of the eclipsed moon


  1. Your foties were well worth getting up for.Superb! I'm affronted to admit I put the alarm off and slumbered on.

  2. Cheers Gordon, It was a shame that we lost sight of the moon behind cloud but you have to be greatfull that we did see some of the event and it wasnt cloudy...merry christmas!!