Dec 2, 2010

London snow

London and the South East have been under a blanket of snow for the last three days, the car has had to get all the repairs made in kirkwall re done before we could drive another yard.....well pissed off!!!! Good birds abpout the flats today with eight Long tailed tits moving through the trees, numourous Bluetits and Wrens were about the Mudchute with a nice view of a song thrush in the snow. A lot of birds were taking advantage of the ground stirred up by the animals in their pens. This was one of the few areas of snow clear ground. I managed photos of some parrots roosting in Millwall park so i might be able to get an id on them this time. These ones seem diffrent from the plain green ones i have seen at the start of the week having blue/green wings and a pale breast...All is quiet out there now with a four inch covering of snow with a fresh blanket of fluffy stuff on top. I am just back in after walking a six month old Husky all over the island. We had a nice encounter with a fox and after a bit of a stare offgiving good views it mooched off into the snow. The city is full of life if you just look aboot.

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