Feb 24, 2015

23 feb.

Last night my season total reached 75. This is a bit of a psycological milestone for me raising the chance of dare I say it.....no I wont just now !! Its all to easy jinx things. Last nights display came storming in in solid style. There was red showing way up in the sky to 50-60 deg. With such a tall display showing it was seen all over the UK, well those who had a view through the clouds that it. Cloud cover had a few issues for us as well. We never realy got to see a wide horizon anywhere I went last night. With this in mind and along with some badly failed panorama shots spurred me on to head out and hit a couple of classic locations for some narrower views. The subjects chosen were the standing stones of Brodgar and Stenness and for once I was lucky enough to hit both stone circles whilst they were empty and the aurora provided a nice backdrop for the shots. I allways prefer the location empty for the atmosphere plus its less of a pain in the arse for everybody else while im doing short exposures to set up a composition with a light painting torch. All in all Its been huge fun.....here are some shots from the standing stones......hope you enjoy.

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