Aug 12, 2017

Two years on.

Well here we are again, two years on.....darkness is once again returning. With all the bollocks and personalities that are involved with the aurora I thought I might keep this for having a wee spout off rather than facebook.Its nearly the the start of the sorry old grouse season so if you like your grouse live and flapping you have come to the right place...its quite quiet as it goes just now. Wind speed is picking up a bit and theres a chance of a glow over the weekend. Its also the Persids shooting stars this weekend. Unfortunatly its not going to be the bigest display in human history as advertised by some groups on facebook. It has been interesting to watch as the story developed. After the first meme was shared about it was fairly dismissed and debunked but yet astronomy and science pages were seting the same message to new graphics in an effort to seem if they were the ones predicting this huge event. Its all quite amusing but makes you think how much you can trust the veracity of the rest of their pages......not that mine is run by any kind of expert i should

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