Aug 30, 2008


I always get excited when I hear about cetacean sightings usually I miss them and it’s seldom I am lucky enough to see even a solitary whale.

I was reading on orkbird today that five to six humpback whales were seen from the Pentalina last night a couple of miles of Duncansby Head. How cool is that! I haven’t heard of humpback since one was seen off Echna bay and Hunda actually in the flow last winter some time {I think that was last winter} Looking in The mammals of Orkney. Humpbacks don’t make it on to the whale’s index. Looking in Sillocks, Skarfies and Selkies they are listed as very rare with sightings once a year or so over the past few years. Keep a watch out this week end you never know your luck. They are a big whale 10_15m in length and blow 3m high when they blow. They arch the back before diving and like a good fin slap before disappearing with the classic wave of the flukes. I hope someone out there is lucky enough to see them. Good luck folks. Cheers for the report Kas!

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