Mar 6, 2009

The day today

It was a cold and bright day today. We were off to Stromness earlier and the best spot was what I think was a buzzard at the Garson road junction. Every thing was going up in the air and looking around I saw it flying in a tightish curve but all to soon it was snatched from sight as we were washed away in the flow of traffic. It was nowhere to be seen on the return home. The afternoon stayed fine and I ventured to the bottom of the garden to scope up geese below the house. Managing a couple of photos nothing really came out well. The same thing happened when I tried to shoot Greenfinches that had just discovered my peanut feeder. Even in the bright sunlight there was to much movement for the exposure time. It’s a shame because they were looking in fine condition in the sunlight. Iam defo looking forwards to more visits as we go along. Sparrow numbers have shot up and the flock has been counting out at thirty five birds but I am sure there is a lot more to come as well. Starlings and Hoodies are the other visitors but I am yet to get a big landing of starlings. It is something I love to be amoungst, five hundred starlings taking off at once…excellent.

The sun was looking decidedly dogy tonight and the the forecast is for gales, rain then snow after that towards Sunday so this might be the last snow of winter..if it happens that is….shame.

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