Jun 16, 2009

RSPB Harrier cams come on line but bad news from Forsinard

The hen harrier camera is or I should say was working as it has packed up transmitting but should be sorted over the next few days. It looks like there has been one chick lost already though. Embarrasingly i cant actually remember how many chicks there are tho as I haven’t seen the feed yet. Any one that wants to see its all happening at the visit Orkney centre in the new bus station.
All this pails into insignificance though compared to the news from Forsinard. Over the weekend I have read that their nest that’s camered up lost all of its eggs at some point. The cable has also been cut so there’s no pictures. Whether the two things are connected I have no idea but it’s a very sad state of affairs whatever. The Forsinard wardens have a back up nest so fingers crossed visitors will be able to enjoy the excellent views and insights to life in the nest very soon.

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