Oct 15, 2009

Its been a quiet week for me as I have been stuck inside not really getting out. It looks like its set to continue for the rest of the month…Ahh the ironies of life. Best birds of note at the house have been a pair of Barnacle geese roosting in with a flock of Pink feet the middle of last week. I had a Carrion crow in Aberdeen the other day so it’s a year tick. There’s been days of rain here yet it is mild and still tonight. Below the house the air is a raucous noise of thousands of Greylags roosting and grazing. There were a few hundred Pinks and Laggs this after noon along with relatively small flocks of Lapwing Curlew Golden plover. Tonight is a different story. The flocks are right up to the fence at the bottom of the gardens and the noise has been really something at times. Im looking forwards to a good look through the bushes around the houses here the morns morning tho. There’s been a lot about and you never know your luck eh!

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