Dec 20, 2009

A toutch of the white stuff

With the snow falling over the continent and the bulk of the UK it seems we are getting off lightly up here. Two days of light intermittent snow has left a thin white covering across the isles. Last night the wettish ground crusted over with an icy glaze that gradually penetrated deeper and deeper as the night drew on. The met office posted severe weather warnings for snow fall. It failed to happen overnight but the warning extends across today. So far the first couple of hours of light has brought a sustained if light and dusty snow fall. The direction has come about over night so instead of east blown weather it is now coming from WWE almost a complete turnaround.

Several days of snow now loom on the horizon. I cant really see this extending its way to Christmas but you never know your luck. Fingers crossed for a white Christmas. I have to go now and sort out fresh water for the garden birds.

Happy sledging

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