Jan 20, 2010

There has been a dead pilot whale drifting about the boards of orkbird for about a week so I thought I would go and get a look before it began to smell!!. This is a fifteen foot long Pilot whale that’s lying at the north end of Marwick bay. It’s the first Pilot whale I have seen and it’s a shame to be seeing a dead one. Its attracting visitors as well whilst I was there today several folks came and went. With a bit of luck it will be attracting white winged visitors if they are passing. This is an excellent spot for Glaucous gulls, there’s fresh running water near by for them to wash off the gore before returning to gorge then selves more. All in all it was quite interesting. There was a male Hen harrier over the fields at the Marwick turn and a Gadwall from the loons hide on the way home. I might have looked more but the fingers were freezing out there to day.


  1. Hi DAFI

    Pity about the Pilot Whale, I was wondering if it had been shot, there seems to be a wound that looks like a bullet hole under it's bottom jaw. You're right to keep an eye on it, it could attract some good gulls as you say, Ivory Gull's a possibility.



  2. I think thats just the gulls starting to penetrate a wound or rub.I am tempted to bone one out one day and boil up the skeleton for the local museum or some thing