Feb 27, 2010

Even though we are only days (apparently) from spring the return of the snow seems to have reinforced the unrelenting grip of winter. I suppose we cant complain though. The last few months have brought some of the calmest winter weather that in can mind on bar none. Its an effect of climate change that we suffer from extremes of weather and this is surely one example. However its an example that will probably get over looked in the general moping about the time the snow was on the ground.
Anyway I was listening to a solitary Lapwing having a good call and display in the sunshine the other afternoon and it brought home to me how much I miss the cacophony of bird song that makes up the background ambiance that we so quickly take for granted when its here. Coincidently this film cropped up whilst I was going through the albums and the sounds brought summer rushing back for a moment. I filmed this on the way home from the summer solstice shenanigans on the opposite side of the loch.

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