Mar 9, 2010


Return migration seems to be starting to get a grip. There have been a few reports of pinkfeet passing overhead and more of flocks coming down. We were fortunate enough to have three hundred plus roost below the house two nights ago. Oyster catchers are also returning to the county with a small rise in numbers making them more obvious in the fields. Golden plover flocks are about out east, staging for their onward flight . There are also flocks of redwings dotted about all over feeding as fast as they can before moving. I was up the Biggswell road on Sunday where I saw 150+ take to the air spooked by a sparrow hawk.

There was a report of a barn owl in Harray last week. This is a rare bird for us not to mention elusive. I had a report of a white owl emerging from a derelict property a few days ago and have spent the grimlings in to darkness watching the house and area surrounding it but as yet with no luck. I did briefly have hares boxing yards if front of me last night… never know what you are going to see…every thing is about to change with the season once again...I love it!!

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