Jun 16, 2011

Orkney conservation threat. YOUR help is needed NOW!!

This message was posted by Paul Higson on Orkbird and I thought it well worth repeating here. This is a very very important subject and the threat to local habitat that looms is very real. YOUR help is needed if local wildlife habitats are not to permanently disappear.

I would be very grateful if you could take the time to read the following, and
hopefully then take action…….

An important public consultation is currently taking place over the Orkney Local
Development Plan. The Plan has policies which recognises specific areas of
important wildlife habitat as Local Conservation Sites. Over the years, more
than 220 LNCS's have been identified and surveyed for their birds and plants -
generally moorland or wetland and home to many breeding birds such as Redshank,
Curlew, Snipe etc, as well as a wide range of other wildlife and plants. In many
areas these are the only remaining remnants of natural vegetation left.

Moves are afoot to remove this protection and it is vital that we act to help
protect the wildlife rich heritage we have on Orkney for future generations.

I have uploaded a new File (in Files section)- "Orkney LNC sites". listing all
these 220+ sites - we cannot afford to lose any of them.

We need to support the draft Orkney Local Development Plan policy that protects
these sites - Policy N2 (Natural Heritage Designations).

Could I ask you to write to your local Councillor - file uploaded - "Orkney
Councillors", expressing your support for Policy N2 and Local Conservation Sites
in particular, and the how strongly you feel about the need to conserve Orkneys
Natural Heritage.

ALSO, you MUST copy your e-mails/letters to devplan@... or The
Planning Manager, Development Planning and Regeneration, O.I.C, School Place,
Kirkwall, KW15 1NY.

Your comments can help give the Council the confidence to maintain the vital
Local Nature Conservation Site designations, and this policy, that gives these
important sites some protection from development. This plan could result in the
most important nature conservation policy decision in Orkney for years - the
decision is very much in the balance, and any support you can give may well be
the support that tips the decision in its favour.

One last thought - I personally think it is best if only members who live on
Orkney or visit on holiday respond, so "interference by off island do-gooders"
cannot be used as a weapon against us.

All representations HAVE to be with the Councillors/Planning by 24th JUNE 2011 -
please beat that deadline.

PLEASE , PLEASE do everything you can to help, and let your friends, family and
workmates know about this too.



Many thanks for reading this, and PLEASE PLEASE help.

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