Aug 11, 2011

Swallow roost

I have been to see the Swallow roost at the loons twice this week and tonight definatly provided the best spectacle. The birds are favouring the reeds right in front of the hide for their roost at the moment which of course means super views. The Swallows began to gather from half eight and grew in number over the next half hour until there were over a thousand whirling about. The flock was so great I made my way outside and stood in the road to get a fuller view. All to soon they began too swoop down to investigate roosting sights in the reeds, eventually falling from the skies in droves to settle before all being put up by a couple of late arriving birders!!. Still this gave a chance for the entire flock to be seen as one and impressive it was!!. No sooner had they risen though than they spiralled down to settle again and were almost all down by the time the late arrivals had sorted their self’s out and entered the hide. Never mind it will all happen again the morns night wi a bit of luck. It’s a super sight and very atmospheric to be under such a flock, well worth going out for a look!! There will be a wee bit of film going on the facebook page the morn some time!

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