Sep 7, 2011

aurora alert

things are looking good for between the 8th and the 12th!!! There is a link on the facebook page.


  1. Isn't the Aurora a great phenomenon. We used always to look out for it up in northern Sweden, where we lived. We generally only had it when very cold (minus 15 or thereabouts) but it was a regular thing up there, flashing, and zipping around overhead, over the rooftop etc. The birdlife was similar with huge flocks of mostly Canada Geese gathering in the fields around us ready for the treck South, together with Common Cranes and vast flocks of Golden Plover and Waxwings stripping any remaing Rown Berries and Blackcurrants etc., and mixed Finch flocks - Chaffs, Greens and Bramblings. The pretty Bullfinches somehow or other stayed the winter stripping our feeders a few times daily in the coldest snaps, competing with the odd Tit and numerous Woodpecker species!

  2. We had a nice display a few nights ago yeractual. Things are looking good for more over the next few days, hopefully there will be more avian arrivals from thursday on as the wind flow moves to the north...fingers crossed!!