Jan 14, 2012

Marwick madness

What a fantastic afternoon!! Marwick fishermens huts has to be the hottest white wing spot at the moment. Lying along the edge of the geo is the blubbery carcass of a long dead whale. This is drawing in the arctic gulls in like a magnet. Iceland and Glaucous were joined by far rarer Kumlien gull. With such a large amount of carrion there is little desire to flee being shown by the birds and at times it was hard to tell who was drooling the most the feasting gulls or the throng of birders atop of the adjoining cliff. After the disappointment of the heron not turning out to be American and a tick(interesting bird it is tho!) another tick has come along in the same week and with some assistance today I have seen my first Kumliens gull and boy was I chuffed!!. All this aside tho the bird to be looking for now has to be the Ivory gull. Shetland has records of them and im sure they have been seen over Caithness. With this massive southerly movement of arctic gulls that looks to be gaining momentum surely to goodness one or more will find its way here. Hopefully sand geo primed with whale carcass will provide a real opportunity to see one of these exciting gulls…good hunting!!

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