Mar 14, 2012


Finaly back on line and below the house spread across the Harray fields there are 500+ pinkfooted geese. This is by far the bigest number since autum and just shows how the spring is coming on!!


  1. We, too, seem to be having an early Spring: each day brings a new species, Yellowhammers, Chaffs etc. J thought she saw a Swallow a few days ago, but it's still much too early for them. The Cranes have arrived, however, and can be heard racketting away in the near distance. I'm waiting for the arrival of the Golden Plovers, Canadas and Curlews before I call it Spring proper, though! And the Black Throateds are the sure sign hereabouts!

  2. we have the geese going and mipits and skylarks on song. its not dark till half nine and light at some ungodly hour...summers coming!