Apr 22, 2012

Bright and quiet day

I had a bit of a sparse day looking for migrants, Deerness produced a couple of Wheatear, Grindigar had a couple of obliging chiffchaffs that fed in view all the time I was there. A couple of Goldcrests also provided great entertainment coming over to the willows beside the seat to feed. Of course the camera wouldn’t focus on the goldies within the willow and I ended with a poor sort of record shot. My first swallow of the season shot over and there was stunning action from a sparrowhawk that made an attack through the branches of one of the largest trees.
From there I had a quick run to Graemshall to have a shot at the Garganey but no luck, I did have a gab with Keith Hague tho so it wasn’t a total washout! Ariving home after that the Orkney bird group on facebook had a report of a sea eagle over the harray hills an hour before so it was a rapid coffee then back up and out, not that it did me any good as it was nowhere to be found. I tracked down the hills through Evie and crossed back on the Hillside road and ended up at Durkdale. Here I went up to the scrub at the steadings. Willow warblers were in good voice but little else was to be seen or heard. Walking away after giving it up a repeated triple call of a single note brought my purposeful stride to a dead stop. The note had sounded like a black bird and I though could this be the ringed ouzels that I had spent a couple of hours looking for the other day. Virtually bounding over the electric fence then using the derelict buildings for cover I cautiously looked out for the source of the singing. In the darkness on the lower bough of a large bush a dark bird was singing these notes over and over. Binoculars on it and I can see a large very dark head with a bright white stripe above the eye, What the hell is that? The days main moment of excitement is soon deflated with the scope for as the bird leaps out it is obvious that it is a Redwing, still it is looking radiant in its fresh summer plumage but hardly the migrant I was hoping for. A good view later I headed over to the loons hide for a look before home, here three noisy Little grebe scooted about, a pair of Shoveler were in front of the hide and a couple pair of Widgeon pairing up was about all there was to be seen. All in all a very quiet day but never mind Its Rousay the morn, I have never been there and cant wait!!

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  1. I've been off in Spain for a week or so but on my return to northern Sweden the Curlew had arrived, Lapwings, Fieldfares by the ton, Cranes, noisy as ever, and masses of Whoopers on the lakesides, plus a pair of GoldenEye. Still no sign of the Golden Plover yet but must be soon. Ditto the Black throateds and possibly the Slavonian Grebes that were here a few years back. Bubu bubu is not around much though there is no shortage of Great Greys, Black Grouse and Capercaillie. I'll keep you posted, if it's of any interest. It's nice to see the Fieldfare in their summer/breeding garb for a change!