Apr 1, 2010

Fortunately for us the wet and heavy snows have passed south of us. Easter now looms so fingers crossed it will herald a change to warmer air. Some TV reporter today said it was forecast to be a hot summer. Looking to the last two winters the forecasts don’t lead to much confidence though. What will be will be tho and we will see what like when it comes. Life is bursting out all over though and birds are on territories every where. I heard my first Meadow pipit display this morning. Simon showed me a nice blackbird sitting on a nest in his greenhouse. It is nicely tucked away in a hole in the wall out of the sun. It will be interesting to see how it gets on. Its getting brighter out side now after getting rained off at the back of three. I think I might go out again for a bit. Scope out Barnhouse or something.....and thats nae kiddin

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