May 28, 2010

Tripping up Trump

I recieved this email today. Please read it and if you feel like joining in and saving some homes then have a wee click!!

Have a look at this:

Thousands have spoken out against US billionaire Donald Trump's plans to demolish family homes to build his massive golf course. But Trump hasn't given up yet. He's still pushing Aberdeenshire Council to force local families from their homes. We need to up the pressure again.

Tripping Up Trump have bought a piece of land slap bang in the middle of where Trump wants to build. We've found a legal way for thousands of us to sign up as co-owners of the land. That means as well as speaking up on behalf of the local people threatened by Trump, we can stand alongside them as fellow owners of land he wants to get his hands on.

A plot of land owned by thousands of us makes it a much trickier legal job for Trump. But it also sends a powerful message to the council. They'll know that if they do Trump's bidding, they're not just trampling on local residents, they're taking on thousands of us across Scotland and beyond.

It is simple and quick to sign-up to have your name added as a co-owner of the land. And it doesn't cost anything. Just click here:

It looks like you may have to copy and paste this link, sorry for the extra effort folks but i cant get the links to work!!!


  1. I signed up for a patch this week too - looks like one of the most important things I'll ever stumble across thanks to the internet.
    Some nice pics on the blog, Daf. I'll look out for you round Orkney, whilst out on my birding travels around the islands.
    All the best, Julian

  2. Right enough it might only be an intrusion in the hotel view but lets stick it to the man as they used to say. If they try to CPO everybody i think it might entail an act of parliment to facilitate. Hopefully the farm and all the rest will remain.

    See you out and about!!


    If you are just reading through then get onboard check it out and join up