Mar 30, 2011

A U3A sort of day

I had an interesting afternoon. It involved giving a hand out with some didgiscoping practice to the local U3A photography group. It was blowing a bit of a breeze up the loch once we were assembled in the hide at Barnhouse Stenness. It wasn’t the best of conditions but every one got to try the scopes out and grab a few snaps. The birds all stayed well off across the loch though in the unfavourable eart of wind. A few of the lochs swan flock did come over for a look and we managed a few shots of the bob, bob, bobbing swans.

The loch its self held
6 Longtailed duck
3 pairs of Goldeneye
2 pairs Red breasted mergansers
3-5doz Tuffted
3 Slavonian grebes
200 Widgeon
substantial roosting flocks of Oystercatchers, Curlew and Lapwing across the south end where there was also two big gull roosts.
There were about 300 Greylag and a smattering of Pink feet at Masehow.
Lesser blacked gulls made several appearances heading down the loch along with some very sharp looking Black headedgulls.

Coming away a brown looking Piedwagtail took my eye bouncing down the Stenness shore. I t was just one glimpse and gone though…I have no idea what it was…and they are the best ones!!!

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