Mar 17, 2011

Wrens return

It seems that the birds are coming back on line over this last couple of weeks. The first signs were the piping calls of the Oyster catchers ringing up from the dark fields below the house. It made a pleasant addition to the greylags and whistling Widgeon. I know the novelty will rub off soon enough but for now it’s a nice addition to the sounds of the night. Lapwings have started displaying and were looking nicely conspicuous in this afternoon’s sunshine. The nice sunshine also brought out Curlews to bubble and Skylarks to sing on territory today. In the shrubs of Stenness I heard Wrens, Blackbirds and Dunnocks all in good song and saw a pair of Harriers pass over the hill top in close order. Around the house here The Song thrush has been in full song and encouragingly the male chaffinch that is constantly accompanied by a female is singing. Wrens made a welcome reappearance the other day with one flitting around the obvious high perches and was soon pursued by another. I’m just guessing they are females as I haven’t heard any song but its early days. The Robin is singing from time to time but the Dunnock doesnt seem to be making a lot of effort. All in all its looking al lot more like spring. We have the biggest moon for ages in a couple of nights and then the equinox is upon us….before you know it it will be the grand national, the boat race and it will be summer……..another nip and a dod of wood on the fire, rain on windows….yawn…dream of summer days....zzz

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