Feb 10, 2009

Last night at the stones.

Last night we went down to the standing stones at Brodgar to try out my mate’s video camera and to see if we could manage any atmospheric shots. In our favour was the full moon and total snow cover. The stone circle was absolutely stunning in the freezing night air. There was enough cloud for atmosphere but not enough to swamp us out with darkness. On the minus side I have been reduced to my old Nikon 5600 PnS. The 5100 fell from my hands the other day and the lens smashed right off..oops butter fingers!! Add to that the loss of a pair of binoculars and the tripod for the scope biting the dust you can see its been a poor start to the month. I tell all this in a feeble attempt to excuse these poor and shaky shots. They might give some impression of the night but I think they are a bit lacking… any way have a look at a couple and see what you think.

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