Feb 18, 2009

Ready to roll

Its been a long day of cleaning and packing and the move is about done, I fell in the hill yesterday and sprained my ankle so its been a slow day of hobbling about, tomorrow should see us away tho. Mind you we are only moving about five miles away so its not like it’s a huge trek. Snow may come at the weekend so its best to get on now. There were two dozen Twite over the new house and round about it to day. I thought that was encouraging. There were also greenfinches and house sparrows providing lots of movement in the regosa. The sparrows were defiantly pairing up and showing off. Over the last couple of days there have been reports of ravens starting to pay attention to there nests. The birds in the valley here have been flying very close and there has been interaction with interlopers and some very showy aerobatics. The first skylark singing was reported by Celia Glenn down the Hope way today. I heard a curlew bubble tonight as it lifted off. In Happy valley yesterday one of the bushes had buds about to burst and through out the woods snowdrops are blooming. The celandine is also starting to grow leaf and the first flowers are evident. I love this time of year. The grip of darkness is starting to loosen and life is beginning to awaken….it feels good to be part of a new beginning

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