Feb 17, 2009

Moving on

Well thats about it for this place and life here on the hill will soon be behind us. I supose i will have to start a new garden list. It might not be as exciting as this one but there again this garden has only six wee birds in all the time. A bit of hustle and bustle around the feeders will be a plesant change(with a bit of luck} I was over at the new house in Harray yesterday to sweep chimneys and saw a snipe fly over the roof so i thought im having that anyway! So thats the first on the list not that i am a compulsive listing birder...far from it to tell the truth. Its back to the last knockings and cleaning for me.....Going to miss the dog tho...One final thought....There is a nice caravan here that will be let out over the summer so if anyone wants an inexpensive holliday birding base send us an email and all this could be under your feet.....adios for now.

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