Apr 10, 2011

failing at fishing

It was the first attempt at fishing this year today and a foray down to the south parish saw me arrive too early for the tide this morning. Undeterred though I stuck out to my favourite mark. Low water and a nice bright sky didn’t bode well for fishing with spinners and within twenty casts right enough it was dead!!. I amused my self by changing between spinners then trying a jelly eel. There was little happening except that the number of spinners was steadily dropping. Little was doing and you know your getting bored when your watching and waiting for fulmars to fly past. The arrival of two fishermen brought about a bit of amusement as they started the decent of the cliff to the ledge. This is about a three story drop and they are coming down loaded for bear…or if not for bear then for an overnight stay!!! Eventually they made it to the ledge where I was pleased to find it was an old mate Ian Broch that I hadn’t seen for years. They were out with the shore angling club for a competition and he had chosen our old stopping ground as well. They had set up with bait and were going to play the waiting game. There was another pair of lads along the cliff round the corner. All the activity spurred me on to loose the last spinner before I gave it up for the day. I knew it would be two or three hours till I could fish there and really only if it grew duller. So I said my goodbyes and took the girly route out!! Im not disappointed though after all I had seen an old friend had a fish and a gab and done it all in a t shirt. I even got my first wheatear of the season. Fishing rocks off the rocks!!

Fishing Orkney style!!

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