Apr 21, 2011

Things are hotting up!!

The twitchy community have been very er twitchy with the news of a Subalpine warbler elusively moving about the east side of the mainland. Birds are returning now with Swallow reports coming in. I have had a couple on different days, two appeared at the peedie sea whilst I was dipping on the Little ringed plover that has given so much pleasure to folks. This must be the leading edge of of their migration with House and Sand martin sightings starting to be called as well. It is all exciting stuff!!. There were several wheatears about the hill last night and a good fall was reported in the south parish. There is Hoopoe Shetland and another over in Caithness at Reay. I think the Boneapart gull is still kicking about the same site on the north coast. A Cuckoo was heard at Berridale yesterday and another just further north. Whilst back here a white billed diver was seen off the Row cliffs at Skail yesterday. This birds in moult and may well be the one that’s been seen around North Ron ( I think that’s where it was)…any way things are hotting up and the warm weather south helped along by a gentle S/E air stream looks like it will carry migrating birds towards us. This is the most exciting time of year.

The RSPB have a walk out to see Hen harriers sky dancing this weekend. Last I heard there were a few places left so if you fancy experiencing the spectacle you should give the office a ring and book a place!!!

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