Apr 13, 2011

Looking for the LRP.

There has been a Little ringed plover on the peedie sea shore yesterday and for some of this morning. Last night I put a lot of effort in to avoiding cooking tea and of course just as it was about 45mins away I was looking through Orkbird to pass the time. On the boards there Morris Rendall had reported finding a Little ringed plover. This was an excellent find and would have been a lifer for me as I have yet to see one, unfortunately it probably would have cost me my life if I had blown out tea to go for a bird (again). It was failing light by the time I was done so I had to hope for a look the morn. By the morn though it was all to late and several pokes about the Peedie sea left me with nothing but a distant view of a ringed plover that might or might not have been the bird in question. Ach well that’s the way it go’s I will have another look tonight before the camera club agm so fingers crossed and never say die!! There were plenty of other birds showing with Mergansers, several White Wagtails and a couple of Swallows. It really is worth looking at Morris Rendalls photo album on Orkbird as it is easily the best personal album on the site and the number of scarce and rare visitors captured in quality photos is just an outstanding testament to the amount of effort that he puts in to the hobby…..its great stuff!


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