Sep 22, 2008


At about six last night (sun) we were at the Strombo coop for a few bits and while we were there we nipped across the road for petrol and lucky we did while I was sat there my attention was taken by a cat walking through five Pied wagtails. The cat was walking nonchalantly through the throng ignoring the birds all around him. I am sure he new there was no way that he could pounce on any of them in the flat car park. As I looked I could see more over the road in the lorry park. This was enough to get me out the car for a look. Sure enough Pied wagtails were gathering in preparation for there evening roost. They were along the shore and across the car park. There were upwards of twenty five milling about. I had a look for whites but saw none. Quickly I was back to the car and off. Next we stopped on the Garson side and I had a look across the school playing fields here I managed to see thirty seven birds with out the aid of binoculars. It’s a very pleasing sight. If your in the vicinity before sundown have a look and a count up!

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