Sep 9, 2008

Wideford burn

Yesterday I took a wander up the Wideford burn path starting at Inganess and going as far as the top of the valley. The weather was to bright and calm to hope for any sort of migrant action. The wee loch held plenty of Moor hen strutting about one or two Redshanks around the edges,Coots with growing young were showing well. A small flight of Linnets landed in the dockans and thistles of Currys yard and started feeding. Just below the waters edge close in to the parking a single whooper swan was lethargically feeding.

The path along side the burn yielded up nearly all of the last of the summer flowers to shine in the last of the summer sun. Ravens and rooks crosed our path and later by the road Jackdaws called whilst Hoodies sat on the dead trees and along the fence before heading off over the airport landing lights.

Over the road and up the valley gave good views of two Wrens as we started up the path. A blackbird was flushed out of the Rowan tree on the first corner. Wee birds moved in the dense cover out of sight.

Over the style and there are Reed buntings moving parallel with our progress. No more than 10m away a lot of the time some times they would jump ahead and wait. I don’t know if they were curious or saw an opportunity to catch spooked insects. The narrow path with willow at shoulder height might be part of it who knows. At the top the bushes were occupied by Stonechats in some strength as well. The return journey brought out Greenfinch Swallows feeding, a few male Wrens, Pied wagtails and Meadow pipits. Over the road and down the burn a bit I heard calling Twite moving along. The shore was now sort of clear of dogs and the burn mouth was the only spot with birds. Freshly arrived Turnstones were bathing in the fresh water A couple of curlews and a couple of Oyster Catchers probed away whilst the waters edge was held a half a dozen Arctic Terns with young. Nothing to spectacular and yet the weather was so spectacular that you don’t mind. There will always be other birds…

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