Sep 14, 2008

What a day!!!

Its been an absolutely stunning day and there are still loads of pipits moving up the valley here as night starts to fall. Looking through reports of the day it makes amazing reading. I thought I would reproduce Paul Higsons list he put up on orkbird tonight. I hope he don’t mind but I thought it well worth a look as a record of the day. Bear in mind here that he did not even step foot off St Margaret’s Hope.

30+ Redstart

8 Winchat

50+ Wheatear

12 Spot Fly

5 Pied Fly

2 Reed Warbler


10+ Song Thrush

6 Chiffchaff

2 Tree Pipit

30+ Willow Warbler

2 White Throat

1 Sedgie

Aint that the kind of list that you dream of!!!!....Outstanding Paul.

Other birds of note reported were Wryneck,Marsh Harrier,Honey Buzzard and the White Billed Diver was photographed hanging out with a Red Necked Greeb ……What a day…More the morn please!!

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  1. Wow,what a list!!
    Great going Dafi!
    The blog is looking great too!