Nov 1, 2008

Its a two bird day.

A good day today. I managed to get a photo of a Redpoll in the garden which is another addition to my county photo year list not to mention the garden list!! This morning a flock of twittering birds came over the house and settled. Listening to them and not recognising what they were I ran round to the front to find three Redpolls in the sycamore starting to feed. There were more in the willows across the paddock. I grabbed my bins and after a minute the scope. I managed a few shaky shots as I struggled to split my time between watching through the scope and taking photos. Classic way to get crap photos which I did of course. At sunset I walked the dog up the valley and they were still about so it looks likely they will roost there and might be about at first light!

The other birds of the day were nine Waxwings. I was working on the north end of the back road when I heard there calls. I ran up the road to see them pass over head. I think they were the same ones as reported by almootie today as it was almost the same time as his report. I think there were three reports today on orkbird and a couple more on Orkney forum. It looks like the mainland has a fair smattering of them. I will be going back to Stromness to see if I can add to the year list the morn…..yeehaa..

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