Nov 7, 2008

Its been a funny sort of day to day, one of those with highs and lows. It was misty and wet at day break. The mist rolled down to about half way to the heathers edge. Conditions were like this from yesterday afternoon. Walking the circuit with the dog little is to be seen below the house but around the corner is a sheep with its head completely stuck in a bit of doubled fence wire so the first act of the day is a sheep rescue. I had to straddle it to hold it still whilst I got its head and ears (both full of tags) out of the trap with out it getting hurt. I’m glad there was no one about to see…double glad there was no one with a camera. Mind you I did take a photo as I approached it. I think I am becoming a compulsive snapper. Any way out the field over the brig and up the track we were away. Stonechats and Wrens were quite vocal. There were a few more Blackbirds than usual I think. The Redpolls appeared moving about near the burn then took to the air and up the hill to the big patch of gorse. At the Hoodies nest a Wren showed really well in the tree. A Robin sang and another replied some where up the valley. Robins have been coming about the house for a while now but they are flighty skulking things that appear for a moment and move to back to cover. Below the ruin there is movement that draws the eye. Goldcrests are flitting about feeding in the sycamore and surrounding bushes. At one point I see one being set upon by a Wren. I had never seen this before, the Wren chased it off big style. The fascinating thing was the comparison in size with the Wren dwarfing the Goldcrest. It really brought home to me how small these wee birds are. All to soon the dog has spooked them so I move up to the quarry. There are Redwings rising out of the heather on the approach with more coming from the fuchsia that grows from the walls. Black birds stick about in cover and Stonechats appear but little else, the mist closes and drizzle starts so we head back to cross the we bridge and head over the back field to home. I nearly step on a pheasant which always makes the heart beat. Apart from four Twite passing over head nothing is seen the whole length of the field.

The day ended well with the RSPB local group AGM and talk. The annual report reaffirmed some depressing trends that continue and the talk on climate change did little to cheer me up. It was however very interesting to hear from a meteorologist and birder. It was also well presented and informative leaving you with a lot new information to think about.

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