May 15, 2011

Keeping an eye out!!

This message was posted on orkbird tonight. Could everybody out there please be extra alert and keep an eye out!!

Many species that breed on Orkney are scarce across the UK and occasionally
Orkney can be targeted by folk who do not have the birds' interests at heart.
They could be egg theives, photographers or indeed innocent visitors who don't
happen to realise they are causing disturbance whilst out walking.

With the breeding season now well underway, I have had my first report of
'suspicious behaviour' regarding the potential disturbance of rare breeding
birds at our Birsay Moors reserve this weekend (two individuals apparently
searching an area 20 yards apart in suitable harrier breeding area).

Can I ask you all to be vigilant and report any possible/probable disturbances
to the police (01856 872241) or indeed the RSPB (office and mobile numbers
below) at the time or as soon as possible afterwards.

Many thanks

Warden - Orkney Mainland Reserves
RSPB Scotland
12 North End Road
KW16 3AG

01856 850176 or 07887 626327

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