May 16, 2011

Keeping an eye out

Following on from Allans post on suspicious activity that might have been eggers up to no good out police wildlife officer Gregor Hay has posted this on orkbird. I thought it was well worth reposting here as it concerns everyboby that loves our wildlife. Please can everybody be vigilant!!

Dear All

Having read this entry with great interest I cannot stress enough the importance in phoning the Police please in the first instance should you see anything or anyone acting suspiciously.

All too often I hear about events sometimes days after they have happened as individuals either did not know what to do or did not want to waste Police time. Believe me when I say that my colleagues and I want to make sure that Orkney nesting birds rear healthy clutches and guilty perpetrators are identified and brought to justice. There will always be individuals who through ignorance disturb nesting birds and at the very least they can be given suitable advice.

I know that some of you may feel more comfortable phoning the RSPB in the first instance and if you wish to do this then feel free, however my cautionary note and I feel sure that Eric and his colleagues will support this, is that by doing so it is delaying any action which the Police may be able to take and causing unnecessary delays which could make all of the difference in relation to evidence gathering.

My knowledge shows that invariably when egg collections are seized there will nearly always be eggs sourced from Orkney which have been stolen from under our noses and believe me this hurts and is a source of much frustration.

If you see something please endeavour to note the following, if you can get into the habit of keeping a pen and paper handy when out and about it will be very helpful.

1. Car registration numbers, colour, make and model.
2. Number of persons involved.
3. What they are wearing start at the top and work your way down.
4. What are they actually doing, if you can pinpoint a grid reference on a map all the better, or give as good a point of reference as possible such as parked in passing place approx one mile north of Bay of Skaill.
5. Lastly if they head off, give a direction of travel.

If you wish to do your Sherlock Holmes bit then the more info the better.

I thank you for your assistance in this matter and hopefully we will have a problem free breeding season.

Gregor Hay
Wildlife Crime Officer
Tel 01856 872241 (Police Station)

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