May 1, 2011

Willow warbler joins the garden list.

The pre dawn of Mayday was a still calm affair. The brief view I had of it from the front door about four this morning revealed a sheen of frost over the grass, bike and cushions that had been left out on the swing over night. This had all gone buy the time I finally dragged my self out of my pit at a respectable hour!!. It’s a stunning may morning now with the air still and the sun shining. The grass is all cut thanks to Sig and things look fine. Things took an even better turn as I was making the first coffee of the day. In the trees at the bottom of the garden a Willow warbler was in full song. This was a delightful first for the garden. The bird its self was determined to have a sing and a search for a mate. He was unperturbed by the camera and I managed a few shots with the FZ28 before I switched to the digiscope. All in all he managed for forty five minutes of display from various perches before moving off to try his luck else where…..great start to a great looking day!!

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