May 3, 2011

Out west

Evie was the destination of the day all be it a bit late in the day to be finding the reported White tailed sea eagle A good look about lead me north to Costa head where I thought it would be an idea to have a wee look about the head for the way of it. No sea eagles there tho but it did produce my seasons firsts for Arctic Skua and Puffin. There were good numbers of auks and all the rest of the cliff nesters. A nice visible Ravens nest had at least three young all well grown. The parents spent their time chasing the circling flock of Fulmars which led to some nifty aerobatics from the Ravens. It was a stunning bright day with just a hint of cold wind. Dog violets covered the ground in places, grasses were flowering and the first thrift was in flower. Another first was the first predated Guillemots egg so at least they have started to lay. Lets hope the food lasts, at the moment the cliffs don’t very full at all. The road home was kind to me as well with quick stop to catch some film and stills of a Short eared owl….perfect end to a cracking afternoon.

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