May 19, 2011

Orca sightings

Yesterday I went to the cliffs of Hobbister to scope the flow for Orca. A small pod of two adult and one young Orca had been reported earlier in the day off Hoxa heading in to the flow swimming close to shore. I of course chose the wrong side to go and look. The water was to rough for a long distance scope and little was to be seen along my side of the shore. I did get to see Red throated divers displaying but that held little solace for me as I returned home to read reports of Orca hunting in Echna bay and around Hunda the same time I was sitting out the showers in Orphir…Ach well never mind…Tonight Kas Monro from / and orkbird reported a pod of six or more Orca seen from the Pentalina off of the Lother rock. So here might be another chance to catch a sight of Orca from the shore….good searching

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